New computer, which means I installed Ubuntu!

I went over to the Goodwill store and purchased a Pentium II with 192 MB of RAM and a 12 GB HDD and a 16 MB GFX card. Plus it has USB (finally, yes!!!). Anyway, I installed Ubuntu 7.04 on it. Although now I’m using the keyboard and mouse for my dad’s computer so I have to give the keyboard and mouse up when my parents want to use the laptop (which I finally don’t need anymore; this computer can handle video and web browsing; oh yeah, it also has a DVD player and a ZIP drive (which is totally useless. you can’t find Zip drive media anymore). Anyway, unless my parents will let me drag the printer into my room every time I want to print something (if the printer will even work under Ubuntu, but it’s not Windows so everything should work perfectly), I will still have to use the laptop (which currently isn’t working) to print stuff.

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