A few facts

I think I’m going to post a few statistical facts about the site. I was looking through something on the site and found this, among other stuff.

This month, I’ve had 146 unique visitors? That’s it!?!?!?! *goes into rage

The United States uses more bandwidth than all other countries combined.

48.9% of people who visit this site use Internet Explorer. Another 33.4% uses Firefox. 8.2% uses Opera. I may use any of the three at any given time. I pwn the whole field.

93.4% of visitors use Windows. And what the heck? MAC comes in second (3.3%)? C’mon people, use a real OS. Use Windows or Linux (having 2.3%).

Most links from external pages came from joejoe.org.

28.2% of the errors gotten on my site are 404’s. It came in second to 301’s (29.8%)

Shockingly, my top keywords involve Rapidshare cheats. This isn’t a Rapidshare cheat site. Although I did make one entry about it awhile back. Use torrents people! Rapidshare sucks!

Also, people seem to come here looking for favorite IRC channels. You’re looking for #rotflol on Freenode.

3 Responses to “A few facts”

  1. Someone who thinks Justin is a Fucktard

    omg. Just when I thought Justin couldn’t be any more fucktarded.

    Mac OSX (Not MAC, you tard) is a proper OS, and certainly better than that fucktarded windows and freetarded linux you suck off.

    The very fact that Americans rape your site’s bandwidth shows that you are a complete tard with nothing better to do, other than fuck the most fucktarded nation in the world.

    Lol, only a complete fucktard gets tonne of 404s. And how come 301s have a greater percentage. You can’t even do simple fucking maths. What a noobtard.

    From someone very concerned about your state of noobfuckfreetardism, which seems to have captured your whole mind and raped it for fucktarded uses. Get a fucking grip.

  2. Rob

    Okay, It has come to my knowledge that somebody has posted a not-very-nice message here on this post.

    I know you will check back here, and I know you’re going to read this.

    I am not a fan of harassment/insults above a ‘joke’ level, I want whoever posted the comment to email me at, rob@nobber.org.uk explaining why you found it nessicary to post the comment, and who you are.

    I’m not going to forward any information to Justin if you tell me it I just want to know why calling a 15yr old a ‘fucktard’.

  3. Taron

    disse:Seu carnaval parece ter sido uma delícia! E se eu disser que até fiquei com vontade de ir num bloco? haha Nunca fui e tal, mas agora fiquei com vontade. Se todo mundo gosta tanto deve ser muito bom, né? Não que aqui tenha dessas coisas, vou ficar curiosa pra sempre! HAHAiUAUBeHjos, Ju!

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