New domain!

This post is being written by the proud new owner of! And now that I have the domain, I’m gonna start doing more with my site (hopefully)! Which, if you haven’t noticed, is basically my old site! All you used to love from is still here (and for now the forum and blog are still at And I’m going to start promoting the forum more, spending more time here, and maybe even posting exciting tech news here and on the frontpage (it’s about time I use that Joomla install for something). And even though I’m gonna start posting tech news on my blog (once in a while) it will still be home to all my rants and other things about how I’m wasting my time.

Oh yeah, I don’t feel like adding them, but you hopefully will never see the default smilies again. I’m gonna get off my lazy rear end and start using these.

Actually, I’ll add them and see if it’s possible to apply a nice theme to Joomla! A new domain deserves a new look!

And, back to my personal rants, I have to go back to school tomorrow.

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  1. Judy

    Looks awesome – I never seem to be able to stuff them very well with a spoon. I&1#;872ll be giving your recipe a go soon as I have so much extra cheese my drawer hardly opens.

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