Do I HAVE to fill out title fields?

I’m not one to stay on-topic, so never expect me to make a one-topic post. Who wants to be limited to that?

First order of business. Not long after my last post, someone posted an unacceptable comment about me. Using language like that on my blog won’t get you too terribly far.

Although you can disagree with me, just don’t resort to swearing. I realize that post was a bit offensive (and not very offensive at that),

but the name calling was a little overboard. I appreciate comments, just try to make sure they make it past moderation, okay? 

In other nonsense, I found out how to take a heat sink off my CPU. I broke some sort of “thermal paste” in the process, but it still works.

I hope to buy a new CPU soon.

And I am also pleased to announce that once LONGLinux gets to the point where it is distributed as a complete ISO,

I get to host it. 

Moving on, my site got hacked today. Although it taught me a valuable lesson: Backups, n00b! (comment aimed towards me) So as I write this post talking about boring things you probably don’t care about, I am downloading an enormous backup of all my things (465.7MB).

The moral of this story: Even though my blog may be offensive at times, please never write comments that are more offensive than my post.

And also, always remember to back up your files! 

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