New hosting coming soon :)

I’ve signed up with my new host and as soon as they get something settled, I’ll be moving to them and my whole site will be back up and running.

I’ve also decided that I’m probably soon going to reformat my laptop as it hasn’t been cleaned out in 5 years and needs it badly (suddenly thinks: My parents have had this thing since I was 10? 0_o)

And I’m also saving up to buy a copy of Vista Home Premium on eBay. I think they have ’em for about $110, and so far I’ve saved up about $5 meaning I need about $105 more. Let’s hope I can get it within 8 months. 🙂

So let’s hope my new hosting comes in soon. By the way, it’s reseller. I may be able to do some interesting stuff with that. 😛

2 Responses to “New hosting coming soon :)”

  1. Justin

    Yes, although I decided to go with another host. Although I still will show up at your forum. 😀

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