Summer, srsly

Well, I’ve finished all my finals and gotten dismissed from 9th grade for the last time. At 11:30AM Central time my 9th grade year ended. I still go back later tonight to pick up my report card and stuff, but as for classes and such, I’m through for the next 3 months.

Anyway, this means I will be on the computer a lot more, and since one quickly runs out of things to do on the computer without a big project, I may come up with one.

It appears as though my internet connection failed in the middle of my writing this post. Hopefully it will come back on soon, so I can save this post and finish uploading a few of the first of a large library of XP screenshots I’m working on. They don’t represent XP in it’s out of box state, but they do show off whatever I have on my PC. xD

These screenshots and all updates made to the gallery will appear at:

Someday, hopefully soon, I’ll get a real gallery going.

Also, since I have so much spare time, you’ll probably notice me on MSN a lot more.

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  1. Justin

    Me. I have 10 gigs of hosting that I need to use.

    And I should be publishing my next entry soon enough. 🙂

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