Things I’ve been up to lately

I’d say I’ve had a great week.

Yesterday (and if you have me on MSN, you’d already know this), we got a new car, a Honda Odyssey.

It’s no Lamborghini, but it does have more features than any other vehicle I’ve had. It’s got a DVD player, tri-zone climate control, a really interesting rearview mirror, which I just can’t get over that part of it changes from a perfectly-normal looking mirror into a display screen showing what’s behind you, and best of all, XM radio. 

Also, I finally ordered a new HDD to replace the phailed 13GB. Although while I wait, I’m stuck on a 6GB. The new one’s a 40GB, and I hope it’ll work. Taking advice on MSN on whether I’m ordering compatible hardware has never worked well for me. (anyone want a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 that didn’t work with my PC?)

And, I got my hosting packages settled.

Join, invite other people, and get yourself free, ad-free cPanel hosting with Fantastico, php, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and whatnot. At this point, you need a domain. Maybe I can look into subdomains or something in the future.

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