Frontpage fixes and stuff

It seems minor, but I am pleased to announce I have cleaned up and updated the frontpage.

The title now appears as “Justin Daigle (.com)” instead of “Welcome to the Frontpage.”

Also, I have posted a new article linking to my last two blog entries, and I plan on continuing to post a summary for each of my blog entries there, followed by a link to the entry.

Be sure to vote in the new poll, asking about your favorite new feature. My personal favorite is the video sharing service, and it will probably remain my favorite even after the other new services I continue to add throughout the summer. So while maybe I should’ve saved the best ’till last, I didn’t.

I may go ahead and provide a sneak peek at what to expect of this site before summer is over (about August 22 I believe).

New skins for blog, frontpage, and forum. Or even better, new, matching skins for the entire site. I doubt it will happen, but I’ll see what I can find.

Whatever the site is like on August 22 is the official Justin Daigle (.com) v3.

(v1 was the site on the very first server, mostly during the days; v2 was on the second server, which boasted a new forum and new frontpage; it seems v3 is the biggest change yet, while preserving the v2 blog, forum, and frontpage, all of them will hopefully be revamped soon, it added a video sharing area, file sharing area, and image host/gallery and yet another host change, and even more shall come in the near future)

Is it just me or do new versions always seem to accompany host changes?

Anyway, if you have any suggestions for new features or for a new skin (preferably Vista Glass type themes, and if at all possible having versions for each software installed around the site), comment here. And, if you wish, speculate on what the remaining features may be. Should be interesting.

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