Haven’t updated in awhile

You may have noticed I have not updated my blog in awhile. My life I guess has not had any experiences worth blogging about recently I suppose. Anyway, I bring big news!


The new Justin Daigle (.com) Image Gallery!

Join it, and you can also upload your own images (but be sure to talk to me on MSN first; it’s more or less a gallery for me and maybe a few other people to upload to, but for everyone to view ).

It currently has a selection of images from the former screenshots gallery located at:


It will also remain up, at least until I get all the screenshots moved to the new gallery, and most likely the old gallery will remain up indefinitely, however all updates will be to the new gallery only.

Sadly, a large number of my screenshots are in BMP format, which doesn’t seem to play nice with the Gallery software, so I will have to slowly convert all the BMP’s to PNG and add them manually.

Summer is really boring for me, so I have plenty of time to do stuff like that though.

Anyway, as it is late (2:48AM at this point to be exact), and I don’t know if I want to find out how much longer I can keep going on caffeine alone, I leave you for now with the link to the album in my new gallery, which I am quite glad to have here (hopefully more new things will come by the end of summer), containing 4 of my 5 current desktops:


Hopefully I can continue some other plans for the site I am keeping a secret for now before summer ends.

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