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I finally changed the theme on my blog, to That Vista Blog by William Lay. I received complaints from people saying they disliked the old theme anyway. Like the last one it’s still a Vista theme, but at least it also doesn’t have the graphical ad on the side of the page this time. Now I just need to find some new themes for the rest of the site.

In an unrelated but perhaps entertaining story, Taco Bell screwed up my order today. Among other things, the order included two chicken Grilled Stuffed Burritos. Simple, right? Apparently not. They totally forgot one of the burritos, which we had to ask for after we got the order. The other one wasn’t grilled. Although I suppose with restaurants it’s a matter of luck, because once I got my meal entirely for free, and another time I got my drink for free, both within about the last month. Although, one of my friends went through the drive through at the very same Taco Bell while I was there, and apparently they also screwed up his order. The moral of the story: Don’t go to Taco Bell on Sunday right after several churches let out. As for me, I’m not going to Taco Bell for awhile. Although at that rate, there’s quite a few restaurants I would have to not eat at for awhile. I either get a bad memory of the places for eating too much, getting my order screwed up, hearing something that makes me lose my appetite for the food served there, or I order an item and find out I dislike it.

Also, the new post-to-host plan is now in effect ( It’s a decent deal, offering the following:

10GB space

10GB bandwidth



Unlimited FTP, Email, Mailing Lists, Databases, Subdomains, Addon Domains, and Parked Domains

Only 20 posts a month at the forum

See my ad at

I’m still not done with Justin Daigle (.com) v3. I wrote a new Terms of Service that I will add soon, and I will change the skins for at least the forum and frontpage, and hopefully everything else as well. And I may have a couple of things other than new skins up my sleeves as well.

Stay tuned, and never eat your Sunday lunch at Taco Bell.

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  1. Susie

    Leotr¡Ãkskukva, jó a minÅ‘sége. Nagyon hamar beszívódik, mondjuk, én állandóan kezet mosok, szóval nekem olyan a kezem, mint a rinocérosz bÅ‘re… így naponta többször kenem. Mindenhol van kézkrémem, ez most otthon van a laptop mellett, itt meg egy glicerines van… nem használom csak magában, mert akkor cipelnem kellene magammal… szerintem egyébként jó kis cucc!:)

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