Aero and my old laptop (2nd repost)

Well, it seems as though installing Vista on my old laptop wasn’t a half-bad idea. My brother and sister mainly use it to play Club Penguin, an online virtual world where you “waddle around and meet new friends.”

Although, somehow everything on it got screwed up, which was likely to happen because of its XP-OpenSUSE dual-boot (yet another reason anything Unix-based or Unix-like sucks, it screwed up my XP install ).

I decided to put Vista on it, due to the fact its 32MB graphics card is better than the 16MB one in my desktop, among other reasons (such as wanting to have something different on it, and the 1.4GHz processor in it somehow supposedly being better than the 1.5GHz in my desktop). I used my 692MB Vista ISO, designed to fit on a CD. The Aero theme is one of the few features new to Vista that weren’t removed in order to achieve this (by the way, my 692MB ISO has no relation to TinyVista, which includes activation cracks and such; my ISO contains no cracks, you have to activate it using a legal Vista Business key). One of the things I removed was the stuff related to Windows Experience Indexes, which apparently disables the machine check for Aero (and on a totally unrelated note, Firefox’s spell checker thinks I misspelled “Aero,” giving me the possible corrections “Hero, Zero, Nero, Afro, and Aerobic” ). I think you’ll need a WDDM-compatible driver for your graphics card though (why they had a WDDM-compatible driver for the card in my old laptop built into Vista I haven’t the slightest clue).

I’ve also installed such things as Glasser for Firefox and VistaGlazz to take full advantage of Aero (and if you use the 692MB ISO, Firefox is a must, I removed IE from it and included a Firefox installer).

By the way, the system I’m talking about is a Dell Inspiron 8600, my old laptop.

And now for the all-important proof-of-concept screenshot (I swear I didn’t Photoshop this).
[screenshot lost in major data loss earlier, I will upload my local copy soon]
Link to screenshot displayed above, only in full-size :

Also, a link to a post on Iian’s blog, The Portal, where he gives the actual instructions on how to enable Aero on old cards:

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