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As some may already know, the old forum shut down a few weeks ago due to the fact West decided to delete it. Archangel, SquidMan, Alex, or whatever you call him sent me all of V5’s files along with the database, and the plan was to restore VectorFive to my server. However, after attempting to restore the database, I discovered it was corrupt and missing important tables such as ibf_topics, and was therefore unusable.

So with the old V5 permentantly gone, Link and I decided to recreate an entirely new V5 based on the old one as closely as possible (thanks to Link for getting the IPB license and domain). Using the noncorrupted ibf_forums table, I managed to get many forums back in the same arrangement as the old V5, and with help from Maximus, we imported the current V5 v4.6 skin (although it has issues at the moment that we’re trying to fix). Originally, I had the idea for the reborn V5 to start as V5 v5, the biggest release ever, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. That gives more time for v5 to get done anyway.

Anyway, all old V5 staff get their old positions back, and if you have an account at Visualize Forums, it will work with V5.

The new VectorFive can be found at

7 Responses to “New VectorFive”

  1. Proxz0r

    Speaking of communities… are you still going to attack and harm iWinUX? I’m supposed to send you a message that an anonymous former member of that community now gives you his blessings and support to hurt them.

    Also, did you know of “Geek Smack”? I think the URL is

    There’s also

  2. Ludacris

    Hey Proxz0r, why do you use my mail adress? scared about beein pwned?

  3. Ike

    Daniel, you can not even type proper English, handle a simple SQL database without risking data loss, broke hounsell’s “pump”, and you chickened out of attacking iWinUX. I doubt anyone is afraid of you.

  4. Ludacris

    wtf? the story about the “pump” was just a story. that was about my server and hounsells, and we never really broke anything… and I never attacked iWinUX, but if some bastard calles me a terorist, i have a right to freak out… and about my english.. maybe its because im from an not english speaking country.

  5. Kaedn

    , sure brfdsteeeaing mothers have rights, but they are not above the law and cant expect to do whatever they want, whenever they want- because guess what, others have rights too!

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