Uber-pwnage new VPS (v4 coming soon? xD)

Well, after my site mysteriously disappeared, I managed to piece the site back together as well as I could from old, corrupted backups, although one of my blog posts is, and will still always be, lost.

(the lost post was about how retarded the idea of “Major League Eating: The Game” sounds, and how no one should buy it. Even if I had a Wii I wouldn’t buy it.

Anyway, greetings from my new VPS.

I’m writing my blog post from it via Remote Desktop.

Anyway, the new VPS runs Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64, has Apache 2.2.9 installed along with PHP 5.2.6 and some version of MySQL (whatever the current one is ).

And currently I have a large portion of my site back up on it. A few things (such as the wiki, and maybe a few other things) still haven’t been moved over from the old server.

And also, this is the first time I’ve had my site on a Windows server, and besides things such as spending 5 minutes trying to fix a DB error caused by a 1-letter typo, everything transferred over flawlessly.

Also, it has no control panel installed meaning I’m going to learn a few lessons about how Apache, PHP, and MySQL work through all this.

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