JD(.c) v4 Update

I am pleased to announce that JD(.c) v4 is coming soon! I’m still not going to say what changes it will bring about though.

And I still don’t know what all it’ll be like really. I’ve just come up with a few ideas, so v4 will show up soon in one way or another. It may mean JD(.c) (and possibly, but not likely, my other sites) will be down for a few days to a week, but just you wait until that week’s up!

Well… I know what I’m going to do, but may not be able to do it all THAT soon, because Hurricane Ike recently flooded my house, and who knows what all’ll have to be done there. Although that does mean we get to replace almost everything, hopefully starting with the floors.

I dunno who all reading this has actually seen the floors in my house, but they look horrible, hurricane or no hurricane. Actually, here’s a picture of inside my house from earlier today when we checked it out (notice the awful flooring, which actually had some water on it, although not as deep as it apparently was during the storm; when we checked it out I actually splashed in puddles, indoors ).

And my street’s practically underwater

Oh yeah… the picture of inside my house… I almost forgot…

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  1. Justin

    Well, in that picture there was a bit of water on the floor. And the walls are warped and stuff. But I was mainly complaining about the crappy floors, hurricane or no hurricane.

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