Update on anything forum-related

Yes, the JD(.c) forums are gone, and yes, PCTime Forums are canceled. Is this a bad thing? No!

(by the way they’re not technically “gone,” just offline, forever)

I didn’t do this without reason. I decided I have too many forums and from now on I’m going to put all my effort into V5, which is so far paying off in my opinion. The skin’s closer to being fixed, I’m hoping to eventually have V5 v5 set up, it’s gaining in activity, and various other improvements have been made (among others, the spambot problem’s been fixed and for the first time since its recreation, V5 no longer requires admin validation).

So I’m excited about seeing V5 improve and I can now concentrate on V5 now that I don’t have other forums to worry about! 

3 Responses to “Update on anything forum-related”

  1. Sevan

    It’s coming along good, we just need less nubs, and more “real” people.

  2. Justin

    Yeah… would really like to get more of the old members back. I’m gonna try to work on that though. As for the nubs, if we didnt have them, what purpose would “the list” serve? 😛

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