Drop by your newest Hacker Barrel location, at justindaigle.com!

If you’ve clicked a certain link at the top of justindaigle.com recently, you’ve found out a “Hacker Barrel forums” is coming. And it marks JDC v4.5 (wow, wasn’t v4 just like last weekend?) Anyway, just a little history on how Hacker Barrel got to its present state. A few weeks ago, I went to Cracker Barrel. At school (I come up with quite a few ideas at school, instead of doing what I should be and paying attention, either that or I wind up falling asleep because of how late I stay up at night; notice how I’m writing this at 5AM) I thought… “Hacker Barrel,” why don’t I make a site called Hacker Barrel?

So I then decided it should be a social network… you know, like Myspace and all those other sites I’ll never use? But due to problems installing and running the necessary software, that idea sorta went out the window. So I decided to make a forum out of it. It was going to be phpBB, but due to some weird issue I kept having with something, I had to drop that idea as well. So then I went with ZetaBoards, perhaps the greatest forum software out there. Its only setback: you have to use their hosting with it. But I decided to go with it and so far I’m very happy with my decision

The link: http://hackerbarrel.justindaigle.com

Anyway, join and get posting! Since it’s Thanksgiving break and I don’t have school to worry about, I’m not concerned with getting much sleep. But it’s 5AM and I’m starting to get sick (probably a combination of my massive 37 inch 1920×1080 screen and being tired), so I haven’t anything more to say, except, since I probably won’t write anything else between now and Thursday, I’ll wish you a happy Thanksgiving! 

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