JDC v4 Coming Soon (really this time)!

Okay, I know I’ve said it time and time before, but this time it’s really happening… JDC v4! By the way, there’s the first part of v4 now!

From now on the official abbreviation of the site is JDC instead of JD(.c). Most sites don’t have punctuation in their abbreviations so mine shouldn’t either.

Anyway, I’m not revealing any of my v4 plans besides that, except that it all starts this weekend!

According to current plans, my blog will remain online the entire time, although there’s no guarantee that any other part of my site will. I also can’t say how long “the entire time” will be, but I do plan to take everything except my blog down to sort stuff out as well, so it may be two weeks or more before v4 is officially complete, but I will post updates as to v4 and which parts of the site are back and such.

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