JDC v4 Official Release!

Well… after I’m done writing this post, I’m bringing the parts of the site that are new/redone back online for the official v4 release!

Anyway, here’s the list of what’s changed:

The Joomla portion of the site’s been entirely started over, because I couldn’t remember my login credentials. It now has a different skin and will have links and summaries of my blog posts in it, as I started to do with my last install.

The only change on my blog is a “Home” link on the right side.

A new image gallery, with all my OS screenshots

An organized downloads section

A preview of Hacker Barrel forums can be accessed, although it won’t be usable until v4.5

Also, I’ve cleaned out my stuff, so if you have a dead link to anything, it’s probably something I’ve moved or thrown away

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