Server Move

As my VPS was performing way too slowly, I moved to WhirlHost.

So far, most of JDC is back in order. A few notes on that:

Getting my Joomla install working again was quite a chore. Apparently directories past a certain depth didn’t copy over. There’s probably still stuff missing. If you run into any problems besides what’s mentioned below, please comment on this post letting me know.

The /screenshots/ folder is still uploading. Meanwhile, use the gallery at, which is what I reccommend you use anyway unless you SERIOUSLY need massive BMP files.

All links for stuff linked to in /download/ are broken. Yes, I know. Some of those things will return. Eventually. Some will return in improved form. Some may never return. And entirely new things will come.

No sites besides JDC have been moved yet. I’m working on V5 next.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys the speed, now that I’m on a fast server!

I’m on the Reseller Extreme package at WhirlHost now ( and I highly recommend it

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  1. Shaun

    Thank you Justin for your recommendations to us, we appreciate it and hope that you have an excellent experience with us for a long time to come. 🙂

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