Do NOT use Paypal, they should die in a fire

I just bought a wonderful new graphics card off eBay, only to have to call Paypal up for about the tenth time about restrictions they’ve mindlessly placed on my account, and have never been able to resolve. This company does NOT know how to do business, and may all its employees die violently in a fire. This company is a pain to deal with, and unless you wish to someday find yourself with an item PayPal refuses to let you pay for, only because you don’t wish to deal with their insane demands (they were asking for ID information and various other documents which they have no reason to see), do NOT ever use this retarded excuse for a company. They can kiss my behind and die in a fire.

Meanwhile, I have to discuss with the seller other ways to pay for my item.

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  1. Viney

    Things I learned from this threrd:Davebeata reads the Globe and Mail too much.Dr. Alvin Finkel can't tie his shoes without writing a ponderous 1,000-word essay about it.That's about it.

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