JDC v5 Official Release!

Sorry, I never posted this yesterday
But JDC v5 was officially released midnight, first thing Christmas Day, yesterday, Central Time.
Its goal: To pwn Myspace.
Myspace is well, full of noobs. They probably don’t even know what OS is on the computer they’re accessing it from. They could probably still see this and not be able to identify what OS family is on Myspace’s servers. http://www.myspace.com/folderthatdoesntexist/lol
My goal is simple: To provide a place for geeks. A place where you can fill the chat areas with a heated flame war between Windows and Unix without some retarded noob screaming “SHUT UP YOU FREAKING IDIOTS. WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT LOLOLOLOL!!!!!111ELEVEN”
(although sadly, I find noobs who actually use all caps a lot, even as IRC ops in moderately decent channels)
Anyway, join JDC v5, and help us on our quest to pwn Myspace!

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  1. Andi

    1) There is nothing wrong with Jon’s grammar; 2) you fail to point out a single example of this “terrible grammar”; 3) your own use of punctuation leaves quite a bit to be desired (are you using commas in the British or American style? Pick one and stick with it); 4) your conjectures about Jon’s looks would be offensive and stupid even if he weren’t (as he is) a handsome kid; 5) you clearly do not &#0#28;hate&28221; to be rude but are in fact relishing it. Now fuck off.

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