My Birthday Yesterday and TS Update

As many of you probably already know, yesterday was my 16th birthday!

Thanks to all who gave me presents, which included:

iPod Touch 16GB (got it a week early, last Monday in fact)

Money (which has gone to iTouch accessories and apps; $10 saved for my upcoming domain renewal of due next month)

Starbucks card (who doesn’t like Starbucks? ; if such a person exists they deserve to die)

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying my gifts and had plenty to do yesterday.

I went to Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse, the food was excellent, and it was also fun to watch the food be cooked.

I had cake afterwards (chocolate of course)

Then I went to see The Pink Panther 2, it was hilarious

And I had more cake for breakfast this morning as well

As for TriStar Forums, Beta 2 has begun and is going well. I’ve only let in 2 of the 5 testers though, I’ll let in the other three (and decide who they are) some time today or tomorrow. TS is still on time for a release on March 1. For those who forgot the URL:

2 Responses to “My Birthday Yesterday and TS Update”

  1. axelpaxel

    Your sweet sixteen? Congrats 😀

    But I don’t see the words “Chicas” or “booze”, or even “beer” anywhere, and that bothers me :/

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