An uncertain future

I bet the other two Justin Daigle’s that I know to exist immediately saw this expecting they’d get a chance at my domain.

But they’re wrong.

Yes, I may have to take my site down for awhile. Yes, I’m now out of hosting. But I’m keeping my domain.

Should I have to take down my site, I do plan to bring it back ASAP. As some people already know, I got kicked off Milestone 1 earlier today over a 1KB text file.

But over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten rather used to having a dedicated server, to where I can’t imagine using anything less anymore. And getting one on my own is obviously out of my budget, with me only making $40/month.

So if anyone wants to split a dedicated server, please let me know.

Regardless of how long it takes to bring my site back, I’ll still be found on TriStar Forums.

Anyway, here’s hoping to coming back soon and with little delays! 

Edit: Oh yeah, all my current clients, you’ll have to ask Tom for any help now, not me.

2 Responses to “An uncertain future”

  1. Faun

    I think I should correct you.

    It was nothing to do with your 1KB text file. It was your attitude and immaturity that got you removed from M1. You didn’t even have to lose your hosting.

    Now that I’ve said that, you’re going to delete this comment, right? Don’t want to be caught lying on your own blog. LOL.

    And most likely a ban from TS too. LOL again.

  2. Justin

    Just to prove you wrong, I’ll leave your comment. This had nothing to do with you anyway. And I know I technically still have the hosting, but without RDP it’s so limited I can’t really do anything with it. =/
    So now I’ve gotta find my own server.

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