A rare find

For those of you who for any reason need to download music and videos from an iPhone or an iPod Touch to a Mac, the best solution is, of course, Senuti (iTunes spelled backwards).

It was, at one time, a freeware application, but after version 0.50.2, became rather expensive, at $18. For those who don’t know my current setup, my desktop has Mandriva 2009 on it; and my laptop has Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 Kalyway on it, dual-booting with Windows 7 build 7068 x64. The only way to copy all my stuff (about 10GB of music and videos) over would be to copy it all over the network from my desktop. This process would take about 15 hours.

It took me about an hour of searching, but I finally managed to find a copy of Senuti 0.50.2, the last free version. It works with the iPhone/iPod Touch, and ,fortunately for me, apparently fixed a bug in the beta versions that caused it to crash while transferring files whose names are in Japanese (which affects a rather large portion of my music).

Anyway, since it’s so hard to find, and Rapidshare mirrors are dropping like flies (they expire after 90 days without download), here’s a download link to this version, hosted on my own site, so you can be sure it will always work:


Here’s hoping this version will spread in the wild, so no one has to pay for the new versions (which only have a couple of apparent new features over this one).

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  1. Robynne

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve been looking for the old version for a little chunk of time now and nothing was working. I’m so glad I found this! You rock. 🙂

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