echoShell Beta 2

And… the echoShell Beta 2 release is finally done!
Still uploading the newly compiled trial build atm though…
Anyway, this build includes the following improvements over Beta 1:
1. Compiled for .NET Framework 2.0 as opposed to 3.5 – This means it’ll hopefully run on the computers at my school now

2. Numerous bugfixes

3. Numerous minor changes/improvements
4. Switch option in top bar
5. Run option
6. Some added icons
7. Code now obfuscated, making it much more difficult to decompile
8. Activation system modified

This just about wraps up all major development before echoShell 1.0 goes on sale.
The last major feature I have to add before this is perhaps adding the ability to convert the trial.

Anyway, an important note before using this build:
If you want to keep your settings, you will have to go into your registry and find HKCU\Software\Justin Daigle (.com)\Codename Eventually Reloaded and rename it to echoShell. All the settings from the old builds are still compatible but it now looks for them under a new name.

Now for the download links:
Full (requires key):

2 Responses to “echoShell Beta 2”

  1. sailaab

    Sir what is echoShell

    I am not software person, but take a lot of interest in reading about technolodgy things on line.

    I read your responses somewhere about Windows 7’s Media player and came to your site (whicj I liked.. its posts etcetera and your knowledge seems to be good)

    Sir, I use windows 7 as I got live id.. but right now i have one other dilemma.

    I have a neighbour here who is economically weak.
    (he took education loan to do MCA from Pune college.. i am in Bombay)
    He says some dreamspark india site helps get for students visual basics 2008.

    but his college is not in list on that site and their partners like Aptech and NIIT without shame asking for money first to give access code.

    I do not mind paying to get legal copy for my young kid neighbour, but then its like paying for pirated disk.

    as such, I am not really for or against companies like Microsoft.
    But i never used pirAted OS, Offce suite and anti virus software on “my” PCs because i like and love my PC

    but now Microsoft is making it more and more difficult.
    Even the email address [] given on their site is bouncing
    They say its for the students benefit and still almost push them to piracy??


  2. Justin

    echoShell is a Windows shell replacement.
    I use Dreamspark, but I live in the US so I used JourneyEd to get my validation.
    And if you look in the right places, there are some copies of pirated stuff out there that don’t have viruses.

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