echoShell Public Beta 1

echoShell Beta 1 has now gone public!

echoShell Public Beta 1 – Release Notes (copied from the topic at TS):
The time has finally come for echoShell Beta 1. This is the first released build to have the Dock, and it also includes a vital fix involving password changes. Above you will find links to the Beta 1 downloads. The first requires a product key in order to use (VIP’s – the keys posted in VIP still work in this build ;-)), the second is a trial that expires after 5 uses and does not accept a key and will not activate (…yet; I will soon include a means of converting the trial).
This is also the Professional version. If you wish to retain features such as Gadgets and the Dock in the final version, you will have to pay for them (currently, I’m thinking around $10 USD).
Also, the Dock IS capable of running shell commands. This means using the wrong commands in Dock launchers can screw up your system.
If you wish for a key to use the full version, please PM me asking for one.
This version is also folder-dependent for some very small settings items (primarily whether Gadgets are enabled or disabled; it still uses Application Settings for this functionality, I will most likely fix this before the final release). All other settings are stored in the registry and will apply regardless of where you run the application from.
Also, it is crucial that you leave all the files it comes with in the same folder. You can rename the folder, but if the libraries it includes are not left in the same folder, the application will not start.

Build number: 20090421.20.02 (jdaigle)

Expect a Public Beta 2 within 1-3 weeks.

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