New PC! =D

I finally got a new desktop to replace my old one!;jsessionid=307CDD2D8F6DBC0CA920E9460907EDF4.bbolsp-app03-34?skuId=9366599&type=product&id=1218092152723

A short list of the specs:

2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Quad



nVidia G100 512MB

CD/DVD-RW-DL drive

802.11n wireless card

It came with Home Premium x64, but as anyone should do after getting a new PC, the first thing I did was wipe it out. And since I have all those Technets from awhile back, I obviously chose to install Ultimate.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying my new PC, and it was a pain to take time from my heavy VM-ming and multitasking on it to write this.

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