echoShell 1.0 Released

After a long period of no news and me having lost the source code, echoShell 1.0 is released as freeware.

It’s functionally inferior to RC1, as it was restored from a pre-RC1 backup of the source. I basically downloaded the backup, repaired a major bug or two, fixed the versioning info, disabled the activation systems, set it to release version, built it, and obfuscated it.

Also, notice I said freeware. Due to the fact it is inferior to the RC1 product, I decided not to charge for echoShell 1.0. Please note: 2.0 and past will not be freeware. Any updates for 1.0 will be freeware as well, although I don’t see updates happening. It’s released without support or warranty, simply for users of the RC to use after it expires.

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