JDC v7: Coming this November

The new M1 server. It’s nice, it’s fast, and it runs Server 2008.

It also put me out of the job sadly, so essentially I just have RDP for Chrome and WLM whenever I’m not at home and for managing my own site.

Also, considering it’s running some new version of PHP, it’s also broken almost every script used on my site.

Thanks to Tom for upgrading WordPress so my blog’s back up and running.

As for the other scripts in use on my site, they’re expendable. Fortunately, it’s the other scripts and not my blog that were irreparably damaged.

Anyway, since v6 is more or less screwed, it’s time for JDC v7. I’m not saying what it is or when exactly it’ll be done, but it’s coming soon.

Check back here for updates. Also, all static files on my site are back where they belong. All that’s missing/broken is:

The wiki (Probably not coming back)

The Joomla install (Not coming back at all)

The downloads section (May have a v7 replacement)

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