Random Updates

It’s been exactly two months since my last post, so I suppose I’d better put something together so people don’t assume I’ve disappeared.

Nothing worth posting about on its own has happened in the last two months; I suppose the most significant occurrence is that I got a new monitor towards the beginning of the two months.

It’s an Acer X203H 20″ widescreen, with a resolution of 1600×900.

So nice to be off that crappy 15″ 1024×768 monitor I had to use for years before this.

Also within the last couple of months, I’ve joined Aperture, so echoShell development is cancelled. All my work in shells will now be going towards Aperture.

Don’t ask for source. I’m NOT giving it out.

Also, v6 is getting rather old. Any suggestions for what you’d like to see in JDC v7?

Also, I would like to announce WinHook Forums, which will be opening eventually.


Finally, I know this has nothing to do with me, but who saw the new South Park last Wednesday?

Their portrayal of Billy Mays was EPIC!

14 Responses to “Random Updates”

  1. ohai

    This’ll be my last comment on your blog due to your retarded south park shit and you being a PAEDOPHILE.
    I lol’d at your LCD.

    I have a 22″ LCD. There’s a difference between mine and yours though.

    Mine isn’t a cheap POS that only supports 1600*900.

    Mine supports full 1080P HD. =D

  2. Justin

    Pfft… the only reason you don’t like South Park is because you’re easily offended. Get over it. There’s this thing called REAL LIFE, that’s full of stuff that’s offensive. If it exists in real life, what’s wrong with it being in a TV show? OMG IT MAEK FUN UF DEAD PPL. I R SAD NOW. Nobody cares.
    And as for me being a paedophile, jealous that I’d be able to get a GF that’s maybe a couple of years younger than me, and you can’t get one at all? =D
    Finally, big deal, 2 inches.
    Nobody cares about your 1080P HD. My monitor’s actually quite nice, regardless of whatever retarded-screwed-in-the-head things you have to say. 🙂

  3. ohai


    1. The reason I dislike South Park is because its a retarded show made by a bunch of fucked up americans.

    I don’t give a shit if they make fun of dead people. I don’t give a shit about any of the shit they do in South Park.

    I do have a question for you, however. Why does it bother you SOOO fucking much that other people don’t like South Park? JUST BECAUSE YOU LIKE IT DOES NOT MEAN OTHER PEOPLE HAVE TO. You’re not special. No one is going to change their mind about a TV show just cuz you like it. (Before you come back at me, I know I’m not special either).

    2. Not that its any of your business, but I have had a few girlfriends. Last time I checked, it was you that couldn’t get one with your retarded little “GF Wanted
    Must be attractive and 15-16 years of age. Apply at justin [at] justindaigle [dot] com” ad.

    3. My point wasn’t about the extra 2″. My point was, mine isn’t some cheapo POS that’s going to end up having half the life of a slightly more expensive LCD.

  4. Justin

    1. Most people in the US watch South Park. If you came over here, and you said you didn’t watch it, you’d be shot. Then again, over there in the UK, if you watch so much as ONE show that has so much as ONE person in it without a retarded British accent, you get shot.
    2. Well, I’ll take whatever I can get, even if it’s a chick that’s a couple of years younger than me. Probably the only reason you even have a GF is because you’re insanely rich. (See #3)
    3. Not everyone is insanely rich. 20″ is above-average size. You’re insanely rich. Just because you can have an LCD that can barely fit in your massive house doesn’t mean everyone else is as rich as you.

  5. ohai

    The above isn’t even worth a reply.

    It just makes me realise how fucking retarded you can be.

    “Oh, this TV show doesn’t have an american accent in it. It sucks then lul!”

    And calling me insanely rich? I make £260 a month. I have to use that to buy cloths, food, and, when I need them, parts for my PC.

    £260 a month isn’t really that much. It may be more then you get, but over there, you most likely have your mummy buy all your shit.

  6. Justin

    260GBP/month. Wow. That’s ~411.74 USD a month. Well over 10 times what I make in a month. I don’t wear name-brand clothing, I usually eat food that equates to dog crap (with the exception of today; I went to Izzo’s Illegal Burrito and it was niiiiice). But you’ll never learn what it’s like to work a day in your life. You’ll get some massive inheritance from your rich parents and live off whatever they did your entire life. Well good for you. Enjoy your richness, but you’ll have to live with the fact that everyone else in the world hates you because you’re a douchebag.
    By the way, if you want to know who this tard who tries to hide his true identity behind “ohai” is, it’s Faun Hope.
    Since he also thinks pretending to be anonymous will actually get him somewhere, here’s his e-mail address and IP.

    Edit: Never mind. I’ve decided that Faun doesn’t deserve having to go through all the spam and crap.
    Let me make it clear that I did NOT cave into anyone’s demands. Someone actually attempted removing this earlier and I immediately put it back up. My blog is, and always will be, a place of free speech, where no one, not even the server admins, are allowed to corrupt it.

  7. Faun


    Starting again.

    I’m probly not going to visit your blog again if you continue to post SP vids. I don’t like SP, and I don’t like the way you try and make others like it.

    Instead of reacting though, from now on, I’m just going to choose to ignore you.

    As for your LCD choice, I’m glad you like it, but it’ll probly have a shorter life then a slightly more expensive one. I’ve found that cheaper LCD’s don’t last quite as long. Hopefully that won’t be the case with yours though. 😛


  8. Justin

    Well, if I continue to post SP vids, you don’t have to watch them. Nobody does. Actually, when I introduced everyone to this post, I merely linked to it. I never forced anyone to read it. Anyone who did did so by their own free will. Come to think of it, you’re perfectly free to not visit my blog in the future. It’s my blog, I can post whatever I want on it, even if people find it offensive. I believe in free speech, and this is my place to showcase that. If you disagree with it, that’s fine with me. I don’t force other people to believe in it. Just don’t ask me to censor/remove any of my content. No one forces you to come here.

  9. Faun

    Actually, you’re right.

    It is your blog, and I shouldn’t try and tell you what to post/not to post on it.

    I may visit your blog from time to time. Long as you don’t change the theme to some south park theme or something 😆

    But, again, what you said applies.

    So now you know how to get rid of me xD

  10. Justin

    Heh. Not gonna happen. I may be a South Park fanatic, but it’s not the main focus of my blog. I strive to use themes that are, above all, visually appealing.
    Also, as to the people who attempt to censor my blog, any and all attempts to do so will inevitably fail. Attempting to censor free speech is wrong, and I will not allow it here. Tom, it may be your server, but it’s my blog. Nobody tells me how to run it.
    You’re entirely missing the point of my personal blog. It’s for me to present my commentary on stuff to the world without being tainted in even the slightest bit by anyone else.

  11. Milo Massare

    I was scanning something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your position on it is diametrically opposed to what I read in the first place. I am still contemplating over the diverse points of view, but I’m tipped to a great extent toward yours. And irrespective, that’s what is so good about modern-day democracy and the marketplace of thoughts on-line.

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