JDC: Then and Now

Even though it’s only been justindaigle.com for about a year and a half now, my site (and especially my blog) traces back to over two years ago. Basically, Rob asked me if I wanted hosting for a blog. “Sure.”

So, if you dig back several pages, you can find my very first post. The funny thing is, my host then and my host now were both named Tom (although the funny thing is with other Tom I went through Rob to get hosting, and now Rob goes through me to get hosting). Then, a few pages later, I brag about my “new” domain at that time, justindaigle.com. After going through several crappy skins and one or two good ones (including this one), I somehow managed to arrive at JDC v6, going on v7. Counting the upcoming v6-v7 transition, about three or four of these versions came as the result of something going wrong during a server move. Makes me wonder… what version is JDC going to be on in another two years, and what will it be like?

As for the upcoming v7 (which actually has its own name, which will be revealed in a few days), it’s been delayed. Its official release date will be January 1, 2010, which is still quite awhile away. It’s going to be big. Very big.

So big it might even ha-…

The official announcement of what will be expected of v7 will come in a week or so.

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