The Water Cooler – Coming January 1, 2010

Justin Daigle (.com) v7 will officially be known as The Water Cooler.

While not actually on the JDC domain, nor to be considered “the JDC forums,” most likely I will create a new front page for the site allowing you to navigate to either my blog or TWC.

If you couldn’t guess from what I just said, TWC is going to be a forum. It’s not going to be focused on tech, but will provide areas for discussion of music, movies, sports, tech, and everything else under the sun. Ignore the message on JDC’s redirect pages that say “JDC v7, Coming this November.” I’m too lazy to change them, and most likely the message will remain as that until TWC opens.

Expect more on TWC in the coming months.

Edit: Also of note, look over there.


TweetBoard is now installed.

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