Tutorial: Editing iPhone/iPod Touch Legal Page

I couldn’t find this elsewhere, so I’m guessing either nobody’s thought of doing this before, or people are too afraid of Apple’s legal team to post this. However, I’m not.

Anyway, I’m too lazy to provide screenshots for this tutorial, so for those who don’t know what this is for, this modifies the screen in Settings -> General -> About -> Legal on an iPhone or an iPod Touch.


1. A jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. If you don’t know how to do this… this guide probably isn’t for you. While the file you’ll be modifying isn’t actually important, I still wouldn’t recommend you screw around with your system files if you don’t know how to jailbreak.

2. A file browser with some means of modifying files, such as iFile.

3. A basic knowledge of HTML.


1. Navigate to /Applications/Preferences.app in iFile or another iPhone file browser of your choice, as long as it allows you to open files as text and save them.

2. BACK UP the acknowledgements-ipod.html or acknowledgements-iphone.html file. (see below)

3. Open acknowledgements-ipod.html (iPod Touch) or acknowledgements-iphone.html (iPhone; untested) as text in your file browser.

4. Use common sense to edit the file based on the formatting already used.

5. Save the file.

6. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I assume no responsibility for any damage done to your device by following this tutorial. It’s really just a long way of saying “The files you’re looking for are in /Applications/Preferences.app. What you choose to do with them is your responsibility.”

Also, this is probably my first and last tutorial for awhile. I seldom ever actually think of anything to write up that somebody else hasn’t already figured out first.

A bit of a side issue: I had to send in my desktop for repairs, and my laptop isn’t really equipped for any sort of work at all. May be a couple more days until I actually get around to anything productive. Can’t do much on a 1280×800 laptop screen. =/

Edit (11/7/2009): Accidentally put “preferences-idevice.html” as opposed to “acknowledgements-idevice.html” in the directions above. Fixed.

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