My New IM Server

Well, WLM is lacking since it’s controlled by someone else and WLM groups are limited to 20 members.

IRC is lacking since it’s nearly impossible to set up, old, and… generally awful.

So I dug around a bit, and decided to give OpenFire a try.

It’s configuration is entirely graphical, and it’s quite easy to use.

Since it’s mainly sending text around, my home server seems more than up to the task, and handles it quite well.

Anyway, while I originally created it for the purpose of a private room I have set up, it also does regular person-to-person IM and users can create their own rooms as well.

Feel free to sign up there and join the public room (Official Public Room).

Also, you’ll need to download the Spark client from there.

It’ll ask for a server name. In case you can’t read the directions at the top of the sign-up page, it’s

Also, when it asks for username, it means username, as in what you put in the first box on the sign-up page.

Not your real name (the contents of the second box).

Thought I’d clear this up, as people have failed to notice this it seems.

Here’s hoping my IM server makes it big!

Oh. Update on TWC. I’ve finally gotten to see the skin. It seems to have a bit of a long way to go, but I’m still hoping it’ll be ready on time for a New Year’s Day release.

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