JDC v7 Release/SoundHound Review

Considering I didn’t want to bury one of these posts with the other, yet I wanted to post them at the same time, I decided to make them into one.

First off, I’m proud to release Justin Daigle (.com) v7. My blog is now using the Notepad theme by N.Design.

And to the right, you’ll find a link to the new public eyeOS install. If you want any applications added to it, contact me at admin [at] justindaigle [dot] com via WLM or e-mail.

I rather like this theme, and even people I figured would hate it only had positive things to say about it, so it’ll hopefully be here to stay for quite awhile. Still, to be perfectly honest, as my personal blog, the only opinion that really matters here is mine.

Anyway, for now, the eyeOS install provides 10MB of storage. It’s not much, but the M1 server is used for quite a bit. Depending on demand, I’ll raise or lower it.

Now for the SoundHound review.

For those who don’t know, SoundHound is an iPhone app that “listens” using the iPhone’s microphone to any music in the area, then provides the name, album, artist, album artwork, lyrics, and other information on a song that is played, sung, or hummed, if it recognizes it. It’s $4.99 in the App Store, and while I have a “free review copy,” I’d imagine it’s well-worth the money if that’s not an option for you.

The SoundHound main screen

SoundHound has various options, which can be configured in the iPhone’s Settings app. Listen on Start causes it to start listening instantly when you start it (obviously). I don’t really get the point of this option, as pressing the big button that says “What’s That Song?” isn’t really hard. The second (iPhone-only) option causes the iPhone to vibrate once it finishes detecting the song. I’m not entirely sure what the third option, “Use Bluetooth (Beta)” does. The Twitter and Facebook options provide integration with Twitter and (ugh) Facebook.

SoundHound’s preferences screen

Operation is easy. Just push the button that says “What’s That Song?” when you hear a song you want it to identify.

For the following examples, I will be playing music from my PC, in my room, at about the volume you’d expect to hear it in an average restaurant. I’ll have my iPhone 3GS about ten feet from my PC’s speakers. Even though it says to place your iPhone “as close to the sound source as possible,” in some places, that’s about 10-20 feet. Usually, when you need to identify a song, you can’t get right next to the source. Fortunately, it works quite well in my earlier example, a restaurant setting.

SoundHound correctly identifies Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”

It’s been able to identify almost every song I’ve thrown at it, even in noisier settings. It’s actually come in quite handy before, when I’ve heard songs before, and I’m lucky enough to hear them again some time later, whip out my iPhone, and use SoundHound to identify them. Now, let’s throw something a bit harder to identify at it, like the (as far as I know) unreleased Lady Gaga ft. Kalena – “Kaboom,” played at the exact same volume.


To be fair, the copy of “Bad Romance” I played in the earlier example was at 320kbps, and “Kaboom” was at 256kbps. I’ll turn up the volume a bit…

Okay… I guess it’s just not in their database

Considering it’s “leaked” and “unreleased,” this doesn’t really surprise me. Still, I’d imagine enough people would have it to demand its entry into their database.

A feature I’d also like to see on their website would be a way to submit an MP3 to their database. I could find no such thing.

Let’s recap, shall we?

SoundHound is one of those apps I’ve long wished someone would make. Seems Melodis stepped up to the plate. It’s generally good at recognizing songs, even if they’re not all that loud, and there’s background noise, making it possible to use in practical situations. The only thing I could ask for is the ability for users to submit MP3’s to their database. I’d highly recommend SoundHound to anyone. Even if you already know every song out there, it’s still pretty fun to use when you’re bored at a place that happens to play music.

Overall score: 99/100

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