Justin Daigle (.com) v7 – Coming This Pi Day

I’d hate to bury my last post already, but I’ve more or less decided what JDC v7’s going to be like, and I have every bit of it working already in some place or another.

I’m not giving out any details yet, but I can and will say that it has two major differences from the current (broken) v6, and one minor fix to something that’s been bothering people for quite awhile now.

Oh, and another cryptic hint at what it’ll be like, to add to the mix. I had to make sure I was posting this in the right place.

In case you didn’t read the title/don’t know when Pi Day is, I’ll say it again. Justin Daigle (.com) v7 will be released on Pi Day 2010 (March 14).

No, Pi Day isn’t at all relevant to v7, I just traditionally do major changes to my site on holidays.

I’m not entirely sure I’m done throwing v7 together yet, so it may be an even bigger change than it is now.

Then again, I suppose it’s a fairly safe bet that most of the changes will be adding stuff, since my site is no longer the scattered mess it used to be. It’s basically my personal blog and file storage.

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