Randomly iBricked?

For those who keep up with me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/jrdaigle1000), you would know that last night around 9PM, my iPhone just randomly quit working. I attempted rebooting it several times, but accomplished nothing. I finally had to restore, and apply a backup from about a month and a half ago. It took me about three hours total to restore, apply the backup, sync all my stuff, jailbreak, and apply all my customizations. Strangely enough, some of my cracked apps actually remembered all their settings, making it somewhat less painful.

Am I writing this to discourage people from jailbreaking?

Absolutely not.

If you read the rest of the post, you’d notice that I said that I jailbroke almost instantly after restoring (also, thanks to Link Tamake for warning me not to use the 3.1.3 update). The customization/system tools/cracked apps/tethering makes it 100% worthwhile. I still find it strange that this happened to me only hours after someone else reported the exact same problem though. A new virus? Some people say no, but I still find it quite suspicious.

If anything, besides the loss of three hours, I benefited from this. I was originally on 3.1, but I took advantage of this to restore to 3.1.2, which fixes the annoying bug that disrupts service, requiring a reboot to fix (For the record, this bug plagued me quite a bit). Also, for some odd reason, redsn0w didn’t like my 3.1 IPSW, making me unable to enable verbose boot. It recognized my 3.1.2 IPSW, however, so I now have a nice, shiny verbose boot going. This is probably the geekiest thing ever said, but there is something truly magical about that text informing you of how the boot process is going flying across the screen.

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  1. Thomas Hounsell

    A *nix verbose boot always looks shit. It reminds you of the crap underneath the interface, which is probably shit too.

    I also lol’d at THREE HOURS.

    I had a much smaller issue than yours, relatively speaking, but I still had to end up resetting. Restoring took about 30 minutes, and I had nothing other than a 3G Internet Connection at the time.

    All data on the actual ROM, such as Texts, Contacts, etc, gets synced daily with Microsoft MyPhone. Most programs are kept on my SD Card, and therefore can still be used without reinstalling.

    Really, so much easier and preferable an experience than having to reset an iPhone.

  2. Justin

    Better than staring at a vendor logo for 5 minutes, which was my experience with my last WM device.

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