Prom 2010

I know this is a whole 18 days late, but I just got the disc of pictures last Friday (and nah, I haven’t been busy the whole time… 10% busy, 90% lazy).

It was fun, and I had a great time regardless of the fact that the food wasn’t exactly the best (mini-review of Pujo Street CafĂ© anyone? ).

The after party was also… interesting, although suffice it to say I’m not all that happy about people who screw up the perfectly ordinary game of ping-pong into something it’s not.

I documented it to some extent on Twitter, this tweet being my favorite:

On an unrelated note, I’m most likely going to replace the ThinkTwit widget on the side over there with the official Twitter one. ———->

Also, I’ll be publishing my review “Sent from my iPad” as soon as a jailbreak is released. I’ll have my work cut out for me, since I had quite a bit of it written up, I had issues with the WordPress app, and managed to lose a good portion of the review. Originally, I just had to jailbreak, get the iWork apps, add them to the review, and publish it, but I now have to rewrite the vast majority of the review. I’m really hoping for a jailbreak on Friday, so if that’s the case, expect the review some time this weekend. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait…

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