The iPad, the iPhone, My Reviews, and You

Okay, so this isn’t the big iPad review everyone was expecting. And what I’m about to say isn’t what anyone wants to hear. I decided not to finish my review of the iPad. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, namely that I accidentally lost a good chunk of the review, that there’s already numerous iPad reviews out there, and reviewing each included app in the detail I normally give app reviews would simply be too complicated, I’m not going to publish the review. As for my opinion on the iPad, suffice it to say the biggest reason I decided to cancel the review is that I’m too busy enjoying my iPad to write a long blog post about it. It does quite well as a laptop replacement though, as I’ve been using my iPad for most things I’d ordinarily use a desktop or laptop for.
Now for the main point of this post.
In the past, I’ve written reviews of my favorite apps. Now, assuming I don’t get too much demand, I’ll review any app the app’s developer requests me to. The only requirement is that I’m provided with a promo code for the app. I have past experience reviewing apps, as seen in my SoundHound and IM+ reviews. If an app has both iPad and iPhone versions, or is at least optimized for both, I’ll deal with both in the same review. Considering both my iPhone and my iPad are jailbroken, I will also review SOME jailbreak apps under the same conditions. However, I will do this at my own discretion. If I feel the app is harmful to my devices, I will refuse to review it. A few badly-written jailbreak apps HAVE caused me trouble before, so I am a bit cautious as to what I do and don’t install.
If you’re interested in my review services, please contact me at justin [at] justindaigle [dot] com.
Also, I’ve hidden my last post. Comex has released Spirit, so it no longer serves a purpose. It also was made the target of comments by a fake Geohot and a [questionably] fake Comex, as well as numerous ignorant hate comments.

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