TiNternet IRC

Edit: For those who don’t feel like reading through a bunch of crap, the server is tinternet.justindaigle.com, port 6667.

Be sure to join our official chat channel, #coffeeshop.

Yes, I’ve set up an IRC server.

Yes, there’s already plenty of IRC servers out there.

So you may be asking, what’s the point?

Well, I’m on 4-5 servers at any given time, and to be honest, I’m not happy with them.

So I set up my server and decided it would be different.

A. It’s 100% uncensored. I hate going on some server where warez talk isn’t allowed and even people I know are pro-warez get hypocritical about it and flame you out for supporting it. A note on the whole “uncensored” thing though. It really only applies to the official chat channel, #coffeeshop. The help channel, #help, is expected to stay on-topic, and chanops may run their channels as they choose.

B. On other servers, channels and nicks expire after a period of not being used. Personally, I want to know that my nick/channel will still be mine when I come back. I hate it when things expire from not being logged into. It actually happened to my DynDNS account a few days ago. On the TiNternet server, you don’t have to worry about this.

If you want to look at the config entries themselves, notice they’re commented out.

Anyway, the address is tinternet.justindaigle.com, port 6667.

Be sure to join #coffeeshop, the official chat channel.

And of course, it’d be appreciated if you told everyone you can. We’ve paved the way by being 100% uncensored and not having expirations on nicks/channels, but to truly be the best, we need a good community of users. Feel free to create your own channels about anything, and if you need help, just ask in #help.

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