New WLM Address – What’s With the Change?

About fifteen people have probably noticed by now that I’ve gotten a new WLM address.

Anyway, if you’re reading this post to find the new address, you’d may as well stop now.

I deliberately made the new address hard to guess, and I won’t be posting it in public.

And unlike in the past, I won’t be accepting invites from random people.

Over the seven years I’ve had my last address, I’ve somehow gathered over 300 contacts.

You’ve gotta see how that’s ridiculous.

So here we have the first reason I’ve changed to the new address – too many contacts.

The second reason is, my previous address was previously public and I had it all over the place.

Meaning more unwanted contacts, and more spambots.

The third reason is, using my old Yahoo address more or less made me look like a noob.

Not to mention, it confused clients because I used both WLM and YIM with the same address, and they’re compatible with each other.

The fourth reason is, I’ve decided to change the formatting of my profile stuff. I’ve finally accepted Wave 4 and the fact that that means I can’t use my elaborate display names anymore.

I’ve also decided to change my display picture from my old one to the one I use on forums and Twitter.

So far, the transparency seems fine in WLM, but if you see problems with it, please let me know.

Anyway, if I haven’t added you to my new address, please don’t get offended.

I don’t hate you. You either never sign in, I don’t talk to you much, or for a very select few, maybe I do hate you.

If you really need to talk to me on WLM, just ask someone who has my new address to let me know and I’ll consider adding you, but I’m really trying to avoid having any more than about 30 contacts.

Not to mention, if you want to talk to me, I’d much prefer you go to my IRC network anyway.

And I’m still on Twitter, but I am going to unfollow a bunch of people soon.

That said, if you manage to sound intelligent and I don’t mistake you for a spambot, I’ll at least answer you.

And I’m still on Skype, if you know that address.

However, all my other eight or nine IM accounts are no longer in use as of now, and my old main address will receive the same fate as of Monday.

Anyway, seems there’s a bit of good news. Supposedly, a new bootrom exploit has been found. Meaning the iPad will soon be jailbroken for life, and as soon as iOS 4.2 is released, I’ll finally be able to write my Colloquy review!

It seems the jailbreak community is finally once again reaching its former glory.

Web-based exploits (although I tried jailbreaking someone’s iPod Touch 3G with JailbreakMe 2.0 earlier today and for some odd reason, it didn’t work =/), and now more bootrom exploits. I just wonder when we’ll see a release.

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  1. Guy Richardson

    You’re eight aren’t you? It’s surprising that it’s taken me so long to realize this ( about 5 minutes ) but you’re 8 years old right?

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