In Defense of Geohot

Yes, you read that right.

Geohot’s been taking a lot of crap lately with the release of his new limera1n jailbreak tool.

Quite a few people out there are saying it doesn’t work, and it will in fact break your device.

I’ve personally tested it on my brother’s iPod Touch 4G and I can say it’s worked great.

Will it break my device?

There have been rumors that it’s been breaking certain older devices.

I can neither confirm nor deny them, as I’ve only tried it on my brother’s iPod Touch 4G.

But, you’d still may as well try it, but be sure to backup in iTunes first.

A “bricked” device, or one that can’t be fixed by DFU + Restore is a myth.

It’s impossible. It can’t happen.

Anyone who tells you otherwise intends to deceive you.

Okay, well there’s a lot of deception going on around controversial jailbreaks then, why?

Imaginary ethical issues.

limera1n works. People say it didn’t because certain jailbreak developers are unhappy that he used their work in his jailbreak.

And they understand that if people realized that’s really going on, nobody will care.

All that matters, and all that should matter to the end user, is that the jailbreak works.

I don’t care if it was manufactured by child slave labor (after all, that’s more or less what happens at Apple’s factories anyway).

So instead of telling you the truth (“The source of some of these exploits is questionable and we don’t think geohot had a right to release it,”) they lie to you and tell you something to stop you from using it (“It’ll brick your device.”)

This happens all the time with unofficial 3GS jailbreaks, once again because of imaginary ethical issues.

Since beta jailbreaks allow you to hacktivate iPhones and bypass Apple’s developer check, they say it enables piracy.

And being the closed-minded piracy haters they are, they try to deceive people into not using it.

And they don’t stop there.

Since normally, in the case of the 3GS, the unofficial jailbreaks are a modified version of PwnageTool, the Dev Team goes all emo because their software was modified without permission.

Uh… that’s what PwnageTool itself does. It modifies Apple’s software without Apple’s permission. The Dev Team can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

Anyway, the ungratefulness of so many people out there shocks me.

Geohot gave you a jailbreak two days before he said he would.

Normally people complain about jailbreaks NOT getting released.

Those with an iPod Touch 4G are getting their first taste of jailbreaking, and various people on 4.1 are getting another opportunity.

Anyway, geohot is receiving too much undeserved hate as it is.

As many people didn’t know I was responsible for, when he left the iPhone scene, I created a rather hateful parody account on Twitter.

However, now that he’s returned, I’ve deactivated the account.

Seriously people, you can jailbreak now if you have an ipt4g or an iPhone 4 on 4.1. Quit complaining.

If you don’t have a device affected by this, just move on. It’s none of your concern.

If you do, try to show some gratitude.

Maybe stuff like this is why he left the scene to begin with.

2 Responses to “In Defense of Geohot”

  1. ltamake

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    You CAN brick an iPhone. There have been jailbreaks that have ruined the baseband. You know what happens when you ruin the baseband? It just stops. The boot chain is broken, you can’t get into DFU or any other mode, and the iPhone is broken forever. There HAVE been reports that limera1n has done this.

    Read up on articles before you write one yourself.

  2. Justin

    Well, I’ve already discussed how people like you are willing to deceive people into that kind of stuff. I’ve tried this stuff myself, OK?

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