Review: Tilt to Live HD

For once, pictures weren’t enough. After all, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but it’d take tens of millions of words to get the idea of how to play a game across.

So how do you express a million words? With a video of course (I actually don’t say a word in the video; I happen to have a rather bad cold right now).

As the title suggests, this review is of the iPad game Tilt to Live HD.

Here’s the video. If you just want to watch that, I won’t stop you.

Still here? Great!

Anyway, you could probably barely see what’s going on. That’s okay. I’ll provide screenshots too.

As I said in the video description:

Sorry you can barely see what’s going on, but to me the name is a dead giveaway that a lot of tilting is involved.

Now for the text and pictures you’re all accustomed to.

Tilt to Live HD by One Man Left Studios (fitting name, as you only have one life in the game) is probably the best game for iOS out there.

The name is more or less self-explanatory (if you watched my video, you’d know this ). You tilt the screen to move your character, a little arrow thing.

The game’s instructions for classic mode

The game’s instructions for Gauntlet mode

And finally, the game’s instructions for Frostbite mode

While there are actually four gameplay modes, for some reason the instructions don’t cover Code Red.

In this review, I’m only going to cover Classic and Gauntlet modes anyway.

A screen displayed while the game is loading

The screens like the one above can get quite interesting. There are 10+ different ones.

Right at the beginning of a game in Classic mode

In Classic mode, you go for the highest score possible, attempting to accomplish ever-increasing combos.

You use the nine different weapons provided to kill the red dots.

Later in a game

Tilt to Live HD can get quite thrilling. Shortly after when I took that screenshot, the screen was almost completely filled with an onslaught of red dots.

Then finally, this happened

I think I did quite well for myself.

Gauntlet mode

In Gauntlet mode, you try to collect green and (preferably) blue dots, whilst avoiding various red dots and obstacles (knives and axes).

I can do better… but I’m under pressure

Fun fact: I shot the Classic mode video about twelve times before I was happy with my score.

Tilt to Live HD combines exciting gameplay with a great soundtrack and some hilariously screwy humor (Earn the achievements yourself to find out, I intentionally didn’t take screenshots of the list because that would spoil the fun ).

But I really do like the soundtrack. I actually have the Classic mode theme as my ringtone on my iPhone (fortunately, there’s an iPhone version as well for when you can’t take your iPad with you; gameplay is basically the same).

The original version had a couple of bugs, notably crashing on launch quite often and bugging you to rate it after every game.

Both have been fixed.

Editor’s rating (current version): 10/10

Thanks, One Man Left Studios, for wasting hours upon hours of my time by keeping me captivated with this epic game. You’ve earned the first perfect ten rating I’ve ever given.

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