“Dippin’ Dots” Wallpapers – A School Project Gone Wild

Dippin’ Dots can thank me for the free publicity later.

It’s completely unintentional. The design just reminded me of Dippin’ Dots.

Also, I’m really not a design person. No, really, I’m not. But to kill time in class, we were told to screw around with Photoshop.

So I came up with something similar to the design above, but I just couldn’t get parts of it right.

So I went home, started from scratch, and got what you see above (click on it; it looks better full-sized).

Anyway, I brought the design back to school with me earlier today, and people seemed to like it.

So then I did as Steve Jobs would say, and “added some metal to it.”

Once again, click on it to view it in its full size.

Anyway, I decided for once I’d make some of my own promotional materials.


It has wallpapers in both the original and metal styles, and in 1600×900, 1280×1024, 1024×1024 (iPad), and 320×480 (iPhone) resolutions.

And no, they don’t say anything about Dippin’ Dots.

Also, if you want a resolution I didn’t make, just ask in the comments. It only takes me about five minutes to make any given size, completely from scratch (which is also why each size is a little different).

I realize that most people probably don’t want to turn their desktops into a billboard for my personal blog, so if you like the design, but want some other text, just ask and I’ll probably do it. Be sure to tell me a resolution too. Hey, but if you do want to turn your desktop into a billboard for my personal blog (like I have), that’s awesome!

Okay, completely off topic, but who else is thoroughly annoyed with Apple right now?

Whoever is in charge of Apple’s priorities needs to seriously get them in order.

The Beatles > iOS 4.2… seriously?

Not to mention, if someone wanted to download music by The Beatles, I’d imagine he could do so without it being on iTunes.

And now what’s with this 4.2.1 crap I’m hearing about? It’s like Apple is finding more and more ways to put this thing off.

Okay, so the iPad Wi-fi bug is fixed. Great! Release it now. If there’s any more bugs, release an update later to fix it.

3.2.x is buggy enough as-is. I’ll take whatever 4.2 throws at me over that.

That said, I could just use the current GM if the Dev Team would get over their imaginary ethical issues and release a jailbreak for the GM’s. We’ll never actually see the final code at this rate, so just do it.

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