It’s been quite awhile since my last post.

In fact, this is my first post of the new year.

So what’s AutoClickr?

It’s a C# application I wrote to give me an unfair advantage in a contest.

But I’d imagine it has other uses as well.

Here’s a screenshot of it.

Basically, you set an interval in seconds, and then click “Start Clicking.”

Your mouse pointer will automatically click its current location at the interval you set.

Obviously, to stop it, you click the “Stop Clicking” button.

As the disclaimer in the application states, I’m not responsible for irresponsible or accidental clicks caused by this application.

If I need to run it for extended periods of time, I usually run it in a VM to prevent it from causing trouble in case the window it was intended to click in were to move for any reason.

AutoClickr uses code found at the following location:

In addition, that code didn’t function correctly.

I found the fix for it here:

So where can I get AutoClickr?

Right here:

And here’s the source code:

You’ll need the .NET Framework 4.0 in order to use it.

Anyway, happy clicking!

Oh, and I know it’s 8 days late (which was pointed out to me since it’s still the topic on my IRC channel on TiNternet), but happy new year!

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