As we all know by now, some douchebag named Remi Denis-Courmont bullied Apple into pulling the excellent VLC app from the App Store.

Why? Apparently crying and cutting himself in the corner wasn’t good enough for him.

He wanted to share his misery over his FOSStarded licensing nonsense being broken.

So I’m going to make things all better by sharing this file.


To my knowledge, it’s the current VLC.

If you just want to enjoy the player and don’t know why I’m doing this, I put the link towards the beginning for just that reason.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might want to read the instructions that follow though.

1. Make sure your iDevice(s) is/are jailbroken.

2. Install the AppSync patch. You can find it on the cydia.hackulo.us repo.

3. Download the IPA I linked to above.

4. Making sure iTunes is closed first, open the IPA by double-clicking it. It will be added to iTunes.

5. Sync your iDevices.

6. Enjoy!

So if all you wanted was the app, stop reading here. If you wanna enjoy some humor that I attempted to model after that of the famous responses to TPB legal threats, keep reading (I highly recommend you read those too, to show your appreciation for the awesome TPB staff, who are among the few who actually have the balls to take a stand against all the lawyers trying to shove copyright law down all our throats).

Anyway, I had a bit of a conversation with the guy who demanded that VLC be pulled. So in his response to my original comment (I’m posting neither), he just goes on and on about his copyrights, his intellectual property, and is basically boring me to death with all this crap.

So I offered this in response:

Your copyright, your intellectual property, blah, blah, blah…

Don’t you ever talk about anything else?

The copyright claims of people who actually lose money due to stuff like this are ridiculous enough, but seriously?

You make absolutely no money off VLC. Therefore you have nothing to lose by allowing it onto the App Store.

All you’re doing is pissing a bunch of people off, and effectively keeping an entire platform from appreciating your work.

But you know what, since I care so much about making sure your work gets the appreciation it deserves, I’ll crack your app and host it on my own servers.

Plus, I’ll ignore any copyright claims you send me and pay all the damages, because for a free app, that comes to an astounding $0.00!

So here’s to continuing decent media file support on iOS!

But I will have to monitor my bandwidth now. If I start getting too much traffic, I’ll, unfortunately, have to go back on my word and use a third-party host.

Oh, and a little off the topic of this post, but I lost the contest I designed AutoClickr to help me win.

It wasn’t AutoClickr’s fault though. Apparently some people are just better cheaters than I am.

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