Birthday Post + AutoClickr 2.0

Today is February 16, 2011, my eighteenth birthday.

These birthday posts are so routine that they really no longer deserve their own post, so I had to find something else to combine it with, hence AutoClickr 2.0.

Back to my birthday, so far I’ve gotten enough money to pay off my current server debt, so all TiNternet services (my blog included) should stay around for awhile.

Unfortunately, I had to deal with quite a few things today that I really wish I hadn’t had to.

Namely, three tests. Fortunately, the first two were easy. The third was reasonably difficult, and in subject matter I don’t really enjoy.

That said, at least I finished the test early and managed to get out of class 25 minutes before I usually would.

Now for AutoClickr 2.0.

It adds the ability to auto right-click, along with a display of the current cursor position.

It was also supposed to add the ability to provide a specific screen position to auto-click, but as opposed to the intended result, it continued to auto-click at the cursor location.

I’ve left the broken code in the application, however I’ve hidden the graphical interface to it.

If you want to have a crack at fixing it, you can uncomment these lines in the source to access it.

Anyway, here’s the download links.



If you get the broken functionality fixed, please let me know how either in the comments or by some other means.

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