AutoUsr 3 + Slots 3 + War

Today, I’m releasing three applications. Two of them are updates to previous applications, the other one is brand new.

The first one is AutoUsr 3, something I said I’d release, then decided not to, then was just going to get rid of.

However, in testing JDC War, I found AutoUsr 3 quite indispensable, so I decided to release it.

You may also notice that the application’s name has changed from AutoClickr to AutoUsr.

This is because it now supports key presses as well as mouse clicks via ClickScripts (see below).

Along with numerous smaller changes, AutoUsr 3 is now equipped to bypass some anti-cheating mechanisms, and is also scriptable via ClickScripts.

Furthermore, ClickScripts are able to perform more than their name might imply. They are also capable of simulating key presses (in my tests, I was able to manipulate TweetDeck in my browser window to the point of sending a tweet via a ClickScript).

ClickScripts can be written using the built-in ClickScript Editor (shown below).


The next release is of one of my longest-running projects, Slots 3.

It’s been completely rewritten in C# (both previous releases were in VB.NET) and updated with new graphics.

I think I’m getting good at this.


The final release is of a completely new application.

It’s my take on the card game of War, written in about five hours a few days ago.


Considering this last game can get quite lengthy, I highly recommend using AutoUsr during gameplay.

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