Tutorial: How to Jailbreak the iPad 2 Using the Leaked JailbreakMe 3.0

Okay, for starters, if rumors hold any truth, this leaked version only works on the iPad 2 Wi-fi running iOS 4.3.

Also, thanks to comex for creating the jailbreak, and thanks to the leakers for putting it in our hands.

Followed by a “screw you” to comex for disabling the jailbreak, forcing me to spend hours coming up with these hacks.

A quick edit, so the comments don’t get flooded with the crap I’ve seen on other sites that discuss the leaks: No, I’m not removing the links. Hate on me all you want, the links aren’t going anywhere. If you proceed to ask, I will ridicule your inability to read, and troll you incessantly.

Edit, again: I actually removed the links. Why? The official JailbreakMe 3.0 is out now, and there’s no reason to use these beta files anymore.

Okay, now for a few assumptions. First, I assume you have access to an Ubuntu install (or any other Linux you can stick Apache on). Second, I assume you can obtain (by any means) Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 (or know how to set up a DNS server on Linux; I don’t). However, these directions will assume you’re using Ubuntu for the web server portion, and Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 for the DNS portion.

1. Go into Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu and install the apache2 package.

2. Assign a static IP to your Ubuntu box.

You can do this by clicking the network management icon at the top of the screen, selecting Edit Connections, and double-clicking the interface you want to configure.

If you’re like me and don’t have an Ubuntu box lying around, you can also do all of this in VMWare. Just make sure the VM has access to a bridged network connection, so that it has direct access to the network along with its own IP.

3. Download these files: [files removed, see above]

Assuming you’re on Ubuntu, with Apache 2’s default documents path at /var/www, do the following after extracting the files, since you have to be root to deal with that folder. This assumes you extracted the archive to the default folder of /[pathtoarchive]/www.

sudo su

Enter password when prompted.

cd /[pathtoarchive]

Where [pathtoarchive] is the path where the folder you just extracted (probably named “www”) is located.

cd www

It is very important that only the contents of this folder are moved to the document root (/var/www), NOT the folder itself. At the end of this section of the tutorial, /var/www should contain two folders, along with PDF’s and other files.

cp -r * /var/www

4. Test your setup. In a web browser, go to http://localhost and make sure you see the files, and two folders, “d” and “saffron,” in the file listing for the site (Actually, I think the “d” directory is completely¬†unnecessary, as are a lot of the duplicate files. But if you want to be absolutely sure it’ll work, leave them.) If you don’t see the contents I described, ask somebody competent to help you.

What you should be seeing

5. On a Windows server (or Linux if you know what you’re doing; not covered here), install the DNS Server role. If the Windows server install is running in a VM, make sure it’s on a bridged connection as well. Regardless of whether it’s in a VM, make sure it has a static IP.

6. On the DNS server, create a new zone called qoid.us

7. In this zone, create an A record pointing to the IP of the Linux server hosting the files. Then create CNAME records for the www.qoid.us and a.qoid.us subdomains, pointing them to the A record for qoid.us.

Please note that the IP for your A record probably won’t be That’s only an example.

8. Go into the Wi-fi settings for your iPad 2. Access the settings for your network, and set the DNS server to the IP address of the DNS server you just set up.

9. Browse to qoid.us. You should now see the folder listing you saw earlier when testing your web server setup.

10. Open the PDF for your device and firmware combination. Safari will close, and Cydia will begin to install.


8 Responses to “Tutorial: How to Jailbreak the iPad 2 Using the Leaked JailbreakMe 3.0”

  1. anthony

    Stuck on Apache not seeing anything in the /var/www folder. Can you gtalk me if you have some time

  2. anthony

    Yep, you were right Justin. I don’t have enough experience to do this. thanks for the guide though

  3. Justin

    Did you follow the directions to copy the files as root?
    As a regular user, you can’t write to that directory; you have to use commands similar to the ones I gave above.

  4. sumdumgi

    Thanks for doing this! I can’t stand waiting any longer and I will try this. Looks like I’ll learn some useful stuff in the process too, since I’ve never used ubuntu before but always sort of felt like I should. Anyway, thanks for the guide and I’ll post back if I can get it to work.

  5. Justin

    I really wouldn’t bother.
    It’s unusably buggy (following is a list of bugs I’ve found):
    1. Running the passwd command renders the device unbootable.
    2. Won’t connect to any Wi-fi networks except mine at home (something to do with an inability to save networking settings; I’ll get to this later).
    3. Won’t display IP addresses and other networking settings, nor will it let you change them.
    4. Won’t allow you to erase networking settings.
    5. Wi-fi resets to on when you reboot the device, even if the Wi-fi was turned off.

    Not to mention, there’s rumors that the official JailbreakMe 3.0 is going to be released tomorrow, and comex just recently updated it again, so I’d be inclined to believe it.

    I mean, if you insist on trying it, there’s nothing I can do to stop you, but out of all honesty, it isn’t worth it at this point.

  6. sumdumgi

    Hmmm … I just checked jailbreakme and saw a friendly-looking “We’ll be back soon.” You’re probably right.

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