The Incantations of Absurdity, or, Glitch – A Remembrance

On November 14, Tiny Speck announced that Glitch is closing its doors on December 9 at 8PM. This was met with much sadness, as well as some anger at Tiny Speck for building such a great game, and the best community ever to exist on the internet (or anywhere for that matter) atop it, just to take it away. Many people have expressed their thoughts in updates (I have as well, to an extent), on the forums, and by other means, but I figure I’ve got enough to say that it warrants a blog post. Gwynne and I both have things to say here – we’ll share this space, split into two parts.


This game was absolutely preposterous. In my time in Glitch (a little over a year), I’ve squeezed a few thousand chickens, nibbled a similar number of pigs, as well as milked countless butterflies. And of course, I’ve jumped around for days upon days with a crown that levitates above my hat. And only a couple of weeks ago, I foolishly posted (toward the end of that) that I was looking forward to a second year even better than the first. I suppose it wasn’t meant to be.

After the sad news was announced, I had this to say:

This is awful, and I’m in tears right now. While I don’t believe the world will end in 2012, it may as well. Glitch was my life for the past year, and I have no idea how I’ll spend my all-too-copious (and about to be even more copious because of winter break) free time from here on out. I regret not having gotten to know more of my friends here out-of-game in some way, although in one case, I actually did, last night (strange; almost prophetic even). Two groups have provided the best company I’ve had, ever: Game of Crowns, and PBMS. I hope they’ll reassemble somewhere, and someday soon…. For those whom I may never see again, it’s been awesome knowing you, and I’ll miss you all dearly.

I’ve given away most of my remaining collectibles and stopped grinding badges. While collecting and grinding used to be enjoyable pastimes for me, they just don’t seem to matter anymore. From this point on, I just want to enjoy the time I have left (although I do intend to fulfill my old promise of helping Gwynne grind Licensed Teleporter, Whoa Class).

My life is more or less completely in pieces at the moment. Glitch has been the only serious time-killer I’ve had recently, and there aren’t any satisfactory replacements. Nothing even comes close. In a world of MMO’s that involve “orc vs. mage PvP”… or whatever people do in those games, Glitch truly stood out. No orcs, no mages, no PVPs. It was actually original. And not just in gameplay. In business model too. TS set out to provide a fun game that didn’t demand money for everything. Unlike everything else out there, Glitch didn’t bend you over and screw you for cash. Because of these admirable qualities, I had hoped for the past several months that I’d someday get to work for Tiny Speck, because they actually did something meaningful, instead of following the established pattern of churning out crap to make money. I guess my dream was just that… a dream. Not something I’ll actually get to do.

In the very beginning of this post, I mentioned that there are feelings of sadness, and also feelings of anger. I feel like a child that’s been given a piece of candy, and then had it yanked away right after opening it. In this case, the candy is an imaginative game with an amazing community, both of which are without comparison. I suppose the part that hurts the most is that it wasn’t some investor decision that was outside the control of the staff. To the contrary, Glitch’s very founder is the one who decided to pull the plug. While I am a little angry, I would like to make something very clear: Tiny Speck has created a game that’s given me the best year of my life, and they deserve to keep every penny I’ve paid them (if only I could give them more). I implore you to come to the same conclusion. My apologies if this whole post has sounded like an incoherent rambling… if it does, it’s only because it represents me right now.


I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve been playing for over a year and Glitch never ceases to amaze me. I mean, Asslandia? And I still smile sometimes while massaging butterflies. The names of the streets blow my mind every time; there are so many, and they are all so exotic and creative. But I always thought Glitch would be here for me for years to come. The community has been inspiring and almost therapeutic at times, it’s helped me grow in ways I might not have otherwise. Even though I don’t talk all that much in group chat or the forums, I’ll miss every last one of you, whether I’ve gotten to know you personally or just lurked in chat and laughed at all the funny things you say (does that sound creepy?).

I’m not sure what I’ll do after Glitch, I’ll probably never get into another game like this one. I can almost see myself after Glitch closes, getting bored and wandering over to the computer only to remember…  Glitch is gone. No doubt those will be bad days, but until then I intend to make the best of what time we have left, which will hopefully involve lots of Game of Crowns =P

Like I said before, I’ll miss you all immensely. I’ll miss the amazing staff, I’ll miss the music, the artwork, and I might even miss discovering the occasional bug.  We’ve all heard the phrase “All good things must come to an end” but I never dreamed it would hurt this much. Glitch is a huge part of so many of our lives; things won’t be the same without Glitch to come back to after a hard day, or just to log in for a few minutes and check up on updates and the forums. I hope a little bit of this preposterous game lives on in us all, and I wish everyone the best of whatever they decide to do next.

Yet, we kind of liked it.

4 Responses to “The Incantations of Absurdity, or, Glitch – A Remembrance”

  1. Osiris X

    You sir, have just made me teary. I will miss you guys. I’ll never forget that you were one of the first people I ever played GoC with sir. But we all really must stay in touch. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ whatever. I can’t stand to lose you guys.

  2. Fernstream

    You two have expressed this perfectly. Nice job, and I’ll miss you, everyone else, and our world, so much.

  3. D'ni

    I only had the privledge of playing for about 3 months but I still cried at the end of days. It was like visiting the art museum and discovering the most moving piece, then returning the next day only to be told that they’d taken it out back and incinerated it.

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